Testimonial from Tony in Tala, Paphos

Tony & Denise of Tala, Paphos wrote about Nicks Maintenance Services

“We are the proud owners of a 3 bedroom villa with private swimming pool in Paphos, the property is currently rented out on a long term basis. Our tenants have lived there for a few months and last week reported some problems with the air conditioning; the units were blowing cold air, but the fan speed was very low and it took a long time for them to cool the room!

Our management agent, Hestia Services, part of the Hestia Group immediately arranged for Nicks Maintenance Services to visit the property and service the units. We were delighted to learn Nick had been and fixed everything in under 24 hours and our tenants were very happy that the air conditioning was working better than ever…

Also on a recent occasion, our pool man informed us there was a small leak in the pump room… our first thought was to call Nick and ask if he could take a look. Once again, he’s surprised us and fixed everything the next day – on his inspection ‘in-passing’ he straight away replaced a number of the old joints in the pipes where the rubber seals were getting old and brittle.

Nick’s standard call out fee is very fair and reasonable for the speed, peace of mind and comfort in having their company carry out the work. We have confidence that they won’t be recurring faults, which is essential when you are renting a property”…

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