Air Conditioning Cyprus – time to service the AC…

Time to service your air conditioning in Cyprus… now we are well into the spring and it’s already starting to warm up. With strong sun during the day and the first holiday makers arriving since Easter – people are starting to turn on their air con in Cyprus.

If your Cyprus air con has been idol since the Summer last year, it really needs to be checked to ensure it’s working efficiently and more likely wants cleaning to ensure you aren’t spreading dust, mold and mildew that collects in the unit, on the filters and through the pipes… To avoid spreading bacteria and diseases, you are advised to service air conditioning annually, not only the health aspects – but running properly WILL save you money on electricity!!!

Being qualified Plumbers in Paphos AND qualified Electricians in Paphos, Nicks Maintenance Services in Paphos can help you with any aspects of air conditioning, from repair or service of your air con, to full instalation with or without provisions to your house, apartment, shop, office or factory.

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