Mrs Knight who owns a propertyin Chlorakas rang Nicks Maintenance Services from the UK reporting a burst pipe in the garden. She kindly filled in one of our testimonial questionnaires;

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elizabeth knight



How easy were we to get hold of?


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ok, communicated by phone when running a little late

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finding and repairing a leaking water pipe

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It is helpful to have a service who are willing to communicate with a variety of people on the behalf of an absent home owner! It must be annoying to have to go through multiple people to get access to a property and a job done, but having had a problem with our water twice in 12 months and having asked for help in the past with other concerns, I will continue to contact Nicks Maintenance for any further work that comes up. I am also aware that my aunt who is no longer with us, Nicks maintenance helpful, she had originally recommended the service.

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