Mr Gardner used Nicks Maintenance Services to service and repair his air conditioning units. Mr Gardener kindly filled in one of our questionnaires;

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John Gardner



How easy were we to get hold of?


Your comments about time keeping

Very good

Your comments about our charges

Very reasonable

What works did we perform?

Service 4 air conditioning units and repair 1 air conitioing unit

Please describe your experience with us

Nick came and serviced four of our air conditioning units. He was very thorough cleaning and checking each unit. He stopped one unit from being very noisy which we had not booked him to do. He is a very nice guy and was very thorough. The unit that was not working was very difficult to establish the problem but Nick found the solution to the problem and repaired it which saved us having to purchase a new unit. This proved how knowledgeable he was. The charges for what he did was very reasonable. Highly recommended.

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