Elizabeth from Chlorakas used Nicks Maintenance Services to repair a ceiling. SHe kindly filled in one of our testimonial quationnaires;

Elizabeth K
How easy were we to get hold of?
Yes easy to get hold of. Prompt reply to my enquiry email, good communication.
Your comments about time keeping
Good time keeping.
Your comments about our charges
Reasonable charges and straight forward with billing.
What works did we perform?
Most recent job, repair to a ceiling following damage after a leak.
Please describe your experience with us
Nick’s Maintenance have now undertaken four or five jobs for us. The staff are always very helpful, take their time to explain what needs to be done, the options we have. And during the job keep us updated. We’ve had Lewis who works with Nick here two or three times, and each time he undertakes work thoroughly and swiftly. He is polite, approachable and clears up carefully after. It is helpful to find a company who are reliable, explain if they are too busy to undertake work (rather than putting in ridiculously high quotes) and feel easy to approach.
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