Angie from Cypro Lettings filled in a questionaire after using Nicks Maintenance Services

December 17th, 2018

Angie from Cypro Lettings filled in a questionaire after using Nicks Maintenance Services;

From: Angielettings

Location: Paphos

Contact good: Via email very easy

Time keeping: On time

Work: Electric work

Experience: Used you for various work  over the last few months, good service

Thank you, !!

Merry Christmas to you all

And a prosperous 2019



Diana Molloy filled in a testimonial

December 12th, 2018

Name – Diana Molloy

Location – Cyprus UK

How easy were we able to get hold of – Very easy

Your comments about our time keeping – Excellent

Your comments about our charges – Fair and reasonable

What works did we do – Plumbing and odd jobs

Describe your experience with us – I have always been satisfied with the quick and efficient response to sort out any maintenance issue that occurs.

I am not able to go to Cyprus very often and it is a relief for me to know there is someone I can call on to deal with any problems as they arise.

Thank you for your help during the year. 

Happy Christmas.

Dave Warburton has a tenant in his apartment in Pafos

November 19th, 2018

Dave Warburton has a tenant in his apartment in Pafos who informed him that there was a leak in the kitchen. Dave used Nicks Maintenance to visit and repair the leak. Dave filled in the testimonial form below;

Location: UK

Contact good: Very easy

Time keeping: Arrived at the Time you stated

Charges: Very reasonable

Work: Repaired a leak on the incoming water supply pipework

Experience: From my initial call everything was dealt with swiftly and professionally

Stan Swam from Pegeia

November 2nd, 2018

Stan kindly filled in our questionnaire;


From: Stan Swan

Location: Desire gardens

Contact good: No problems

Time keeping: On time on two appointments very

Charges: Very reasonable

Work: New water pump

Experience: Over the last 5 years of using nicks service’s  found the service  and the engineers  polite and efficient

Shirley Badger In Tsada has an apartment in Kato Pafos

October 8th, 2018

Shirley Badger In Tsada has an apartment in Kato Pafos where she instructed Nicks Maintenance to replace her AC in the lounge.

Shirley said ‘Very friendly and obliging. You always clear up afterwards’.

Thank you

A testimonial questionnaire sent in by Simon

September 9th, 2018

From: Simon


Location: Universal area Kato Paphos


Contact good: Very. Emailed them and called me back in 10 minutes


Time keeping: Perfect


Charges: Excellent


Work: Repaired air conditioning unit


Experience: Excellent friendly and professional service.  Highly recommend.

Philip Jempson owns a house in Pegeia and lives in the UK.

August 22nd, 2018

Philip wrote ‘Air-Con unit broke down whilst we had clients in our villa. Despite Nick and Martin being extremely busy, they came and did the repair the same day.

Excellent service.

Well recommended’

Pauline Jeynes Chlorakas

July 27th, 2018

Pauline Jeynes who lives in the UK and owns a House in Chlorakas needed Nicks Maintenance Services to repair and service the air conditioning units for her tenants.


Pauline said “Excellent fast services, very reliable & reasonable prices.  Was easy to contact both via email & phone.  I am in the UK but found them very efficient especially being so far away.  Tenants very satisfied also.  Thank you, I would highly recommend Nick’s A/C Maintenance Co.”

Tracy Barney from Pissouri

July 25th, 2018

Nicks Maintenance Services were called to fit an AC unit for Tracy in Pissouri.

Tracy said “Very professional company. Great customer service.  Efficient and friendly. Would recommend and definitely use again. Thank you”

Ruth Whall from Tsada

June 25th, 2018

Ruth Whall

Location: Tsada

Contact good: Very  easy

Time keeping: Have had no issues  with time keeping

Charges: Fair

Work: Water tank /flat roof repair

Experience: I have always found Martin to be polite and customer friendly  would recommend to other people