Preparing for Winter in Paphos, Cyprus…

It’s fast approaching, with the clocks changing and it starts getting darker earlier… Winter in Paphos – at least it doesn’t last long and we’ve still get some cracking sunny days most of the time!

With some heavy rains recently, we can’t stress enough how important it is to check all your surface water drains, on patios, verandas, balconies, roof terraces and especially all those flat roofs out there. This quick visual check which may only take 5/10 minutes to ensure your drains are clear and water is running free genuinely could save you thousands and some major headaches.

 We’ve already seen a number of people turning on their emersion heater for a boost on the hot water, now the solar panels will struggle early mornings! Don’t worry if they don’t work!!! It’s very common in Cyprus for the hot water elements to fail regularly, due to the quick build up of limescale from the harder water. Fortunately it is usually very quick, easy and in-expensive to fix. Give us a call anytime and we’ll drop round at the earliest chance, we’ve always got some spares in the van.

For those of you with central heating, you might want to have it checked or serviced before you fire it up for the colder months? Better now than when you really want it, turn it on and nothing!

For anyone who is considering central heating, please give Nick a call for an quote. Please bear in mind we already have a number of orders so it’s important to schedule the work for our diaries and a time convenient to you.

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