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Cold Snap just after Christmas

Monday, February 11th, 2013

Tim Wheatley from Tala who has been a customer of Nicks for some years called up in a bit of a panic the day before new years eve. His boiler had packed up in the middle of a cold snap. Nick wnet up to take a look and had to give Mr Wheatley the bad news – it was going to be costly as the motor that drives the deisel pump and air blower had packed up. Mr Wheatley was aware that the unit was quite old and opted for a new burner unit which Nick managed to order, set up and install the same day.

Mr Wheatley said’very quick and efficient. Thank you!’

Testamonial from Karen in Kissonerga

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

On the 8th June Nick was to a house in Kissonerga that Karen looks after that needed some repairs and upgrading to the central heating system so that it was in good condition ready for the next tennants.

Karen said ‘ all works were carried out professionally and all mess cleared up which is such a change from other contractors. ‘

Have you checked your central heating?

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

2nd December 2010 – Winter… and we’re having beautiful sunny days and warm weather. Despite our unseasonaly good weather still this year, it surely will get colder soon, therefore we strongly recommend you check your central heating fires up okay, the radiators get warm and no leaks!

Beat the rush… it’s guaranteed, every year when the weather drops we will have a very busy spell fixing leaks, repairing / servicing boilers for central heating in Cyprus. Why not ensure you are prepared BEFORE it’s needed.

Testimonial from Yana, Paphos

Friday, February 19th, 2010

Yana, who lives in Tala, Paphos wrote about Nicks Maintenance Services;

…”Nicks Maintenance Services installed our central heating recently. They were easy to contact, arrived on the dot to survey our house and a very prompt quote was provided. We were very happy with the rate and went ahead with the job.  We found them to be extremely professional, punctual, tidy, knowledgeable and all at great prices! We would certainly recommend them in the future”…

More central heating in Paphos!

Monday, February 15th, 2010

It’s been a busy winter – with many people wanting installation of central heating in Paphos, perhaps more than last year?…

We’re not sure what that says about global warming or the climate! But if you are buying a property in Cyprus, especially like many thousands that have done, ‘off-plan’, we’d genuinely suggest you have the provision for central heating installed in the construction stage.

Although it’s no problem to us, fitting full heating systems to virtually ‘any’ property – it’s obviously cheaper & quicker (with much less mess) if you already have the pipework inside the walls.

Keep this between us, but the developers do seem to charge quite a bit for central heating – so stick to the provisions only and we’ll do the rest. A proper survey installing the correct size radiators for each room with the right boiler for the job.

Any general questions, free no obligation quotes or servicing & repairs for your central heating – just give us a call.

Warm enough?

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

Winter in Cyprus… it’s really not that bad – compared to the UK with their scattering of snow!

However, for those who’ve acclimatised to the Mediterranean climate and rely on central heating for the few winter months in Cyprus, you’ll be warm & toasty at the moment. It is advisable to have your heating system checked and serviced annually, a general safety check and service will ensure your heating is working the most efficiently, has no leaks or risk of health issues.

Boilers (like your car) will last longer if regularly checked… and will cost less to run if serviced regularly…
If you are considering installing central heating in Paphos, then give us a call for a free, no obligation quote – it can be installed to virtually any property, with or without provisions. We are quick & tidy with all our work and will do our best to schedule the work to suit you.

For more information, tips and advice, please visit our website or contact us.

Testimonial from Jennifer Wills, Limassol

Friday, December 11th, 2009

Jennifer Wills, who lives in Souni, Limassol wrote about Nicks Maintenance Services;

…”we called Nicks Maintenance Services as we were having problems with our central heating in Limassol, the man I spoke to on the phone was extremely helpful and talked me through the obvious steps to see if it was anything obvious or a common fault. Regretfully it was a bit more complex so Nick & Ron came along, turned up on the dot and have repaired everything and it’s working like a treat.

I’m certainly happy with their service, the charge was fair & reasonable and we’d recommend them everytime”…

Testimonial from B Jones, Tsada, Paphos

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

Nicks Maintenance Services went to Mr Jones’s house in Tsada, Paphos to carry out an annual service to his oil central heating, he wrote about Nicks Maintenance Services;

…”Nicks Maintenance Services were easy to get hold of, turned up on time and their charges are fair and reasonable. We would use Nick & Ron again for our central heating repairs / service and recommend them to others”…

Preparing for Winter in Paphos, Cyprus…

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

It’s fast approaching, with the clocks changing and it starts getting darker earlier… Winter in Paphos – at least it doesn’t last long and we’ve still get some cracking sunny days most of the time!

With some heavy rains recently, we can’t stress enough how important it is to check all your surface water drains, on patios, verandas, balconies, roof terraces and especially all those flat roofs out there. This quick visual check which may only take 5/10 minutes to ensure your drains are clear and water is running free genuinely could save you thousands and some major headaches.

 We’ve already seen a number of people turning on their emersion heater for a boost on the hot water, now the solar panels will struggle early mornings! Don’t worry if they don’t work!!! It’s very common in Cyprus for the hot water elements to fail regularly, due to the quick build up of limescale from the harder water. Fortunately it is usually very quick, easy and in-expensive to fix. Give us a call anytime and we’ll drop round at the earliest chance, we’ve always got some spares in the van.

For those of you with central heating, you might want to have it checked or serviced before you fire it up for the colder months? Better now than when you really want it, turn it on and nothing!

For anyone who is considering central heating, please give Nick a call for an quote. Please bear in mind we already have a number of orders so it’s important to schedule the work for our diaries and a time convenient to you.

Nicks Maintenance Services, for your heating & cooling in Paphos, Cyprus. Qualified Plumbers and Electricians in Paphos.

Central Heating in Paphos & Polis, Cyprus – oil or gas.

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Even with our 300+ days of sunshine a year, on our beautiful Mediterranean island of Cyprus, it’s true; people still require central heating in those few winter months! Especially residents of Paphos & Polis who are 200/300m above sea level will certainly feel the cold from December to February.

If you live in Tala, Tsada, Polemi, Stroumbi, Droushia, Arodes, Lasa, Fyti, Giolou, Peyia, Kathikas, Kritou Tera, Mesa Chorio, Kioli or any surrounding villages in the Paphos region, you’ll probably benefit from central heating in your home.

Not only qualified and competent electricians in Paphos, but Nicks Maintenance Service’s plumbing skills extend to central heating!

Offering full installation of gas, or oil central heating to ANY size property, whether it’s a residential apartment or villa in Paphos, or commercial property / business in Paphos, Cyprus.

Covering all aspects of central heating including repairs and service of your existing system, checking the boiler and carrying out the important annual service to ensure it’s running efficiently and safely.

Central Heating can be installed virtually ‘anywhere’, to any age property – brand new or a 200 year old barn and with or without existing provisions. We’re more than happy to come to your home, measure up and discuss the best options available to suit you. We’ll make sure you’ve got the correct size boiler for the job and correct size radiators for each room or area you want to heat in your home.

Most boilers we fit are ‘combination boilers’, providing instant hot water all day or night when required. This naturally reduces your electricity bill by not using the immersion heater during those winter month. Central Heating gives you instant control of the temperature in your home, is much cleaner than traditional open fires and cheaper to run than electric heating.

Leaks, burst pipes, funny noises, odd smells – get it checked! We can generally diagnose ‘any’ fault or problem very quickly and will get you fixed, back up and running as soon as possible – with the minimum mess, inconvenience and disruption to your home, or business as possible.

Contact us by phone or email for all your heating, or cooling requirements.