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Its that time of year again!

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Just a quick one to remind all customers that its that time of year to start thinking about having the air conditioning serviced. Please dont leave it to the last minute as we can not guarantee to get to you so quickly.

To customers that let their properties to holiday makers, please note; last year there were a couple of cases where holiday makers were hospitalised due to infections caused by poorly maintained air conditioning units and one home owner was succesfully charged in court for it. Under EU law, if you accept any type of payment for the use of your property ie its commercial, then the air conditioning must have been serviced and a receipt given proving that it has be done within the last 12 months.

Looking forward to summer!


Sunday, January 24th, 2010

We’re having a rather wet January… paying for those nice sunny days over Christmas in Cyprus!… On a positive note, if it’s raining in Paphos – then it’s very likely we’ll have snow in the Troodos and the Ski – Club on Mount Olympus will soon be open!

A few points to note with the heavy rains;

  • Watch your pool, they can and do regularly overflow if not checked regularly… If too much water soaks in behind the pool liner you could have spongy patches behind the liner, where the only way to get rid of this is empty the pool and loosen the drain at the bottom, to allow the water to seem out… Then re-fill…
  • Electrics – Funny things can happen to Cyprus electrics in this weather, the damp air, heavy rains can cause some odd activity… But don’t worry, we’ve had lots of experience and electricians in Paphos and can identify most faults quite quickly and fix virtually anything!
  • Surface water – roof, patios, balconies etc, we’ve said it before a few times, take just 5 minutes to check they are clear and water is running free, or else it could be costly!

Hope everyone has a trouble free winter and those without central heating are keeping warm enough. However, should you have any problems, faults, leaks or worries, please give us a call and we’ll do our best to help. Should you be out of Cyprus, live abroad or own a holiday home in Paphos – we’re happy to make a visit, general check around and report back before carrying out any required works (should there even be any), remember – a small call-out fee now might be far better than a major repair or expense later.

All the best, Nick

Warm enough?

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

Winter in Cyprus… it’s really not that bad – compared to the UK with their scattering of snow!

However, for those who’ve acclimatised to the Mediterranean climate and rely on central heating for the few winter months in Cyprus, you’ll be warm & toasty at the moment. It is advisable to have your heating system checked and serviced annually, a general safety check and service will ensure your heating is working the most efficiently, has no leaks or risk of health issues.

Boilers (like your car) will last longer if regularly checked… and will cost less to run if serviced regularly…
If you are considering installing central heating in Paphos, then give us a call for a free, no obligation quote – it can be installed to virtually any property, with or without provisions. We are quick & tidy with all our work and will do our best to schedule the work to suit you.

For more information, tips and advice, please visit our website or contact us.

Preparing for Winter in Paphos, Cyprus…

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

It’s fast approaching, with the clocks changing and it starts getting darker earlier… Winter in Paphos – at least it doesn’t last long and we’ve still get some cracking sunny days most of the time!

With some heavy rains recently, we can’t stress enough how important it is to check all your surface water drains, on patios, verandas, balconies, roof terraces and especially all those flat roofs out there. This quick visual check which may only take 5/10 minutes to ensure your drains are clear and water is running free genuinely could save you thousands and some major headaches.

 We’ve already seen a number of people turning on their emersion heater for a boost on the hot water, now the solar panels will struggle early mornings! Don’t worry if they don’t work!!! It’s very common in Cyprus for the hot water elements to fail regularly, due to the quick build up of limescale from the harder water. Fortunately it is usually very quick, easy and in-expensive to fix. Give us a call anytime and we’ll drop round at the earliest chance, we’ve always got some spares in the van.

For those of you with central heating, you might want to have it checked or serviced before you fire it up for the colder months? Better now than when you really want it, turn it on and nothing!

For anyone who is considering central heating, please give Nick a call for an quote. Please bear in mind we already have a number of orders so it’s important to schedule the work for our diaries and a time convenient to you.

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Nick’s Tips & Advice – Time to check your roof, balconies & terraces!

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

Last night and this morning Paphos has seen it’s first rain showers for months… okay, we’re not talking about rains like the UK’s Summer – but you’ll still find some surface water around before it’s soon evaporated by the closely following sunshine!

The reason for this post, isn’t to boast about the weather & living in Cyprus – but to highlight the importance of checking the drains on your balcony, terrace and even roof… as we live in a dusty country, after a long Summer these drains can easily be blocked with sand, dust, leaves, dead birds, any foreign objects which stops the surface water clearing. Any build up of water can only lead to a disaster inside your house, whether its slow penetration and water ingress which cause damp patches, black mould and flaking paint, or in some cases we’ve seen water flowing down the internal walls! This is usually were the water has risen over the level of the skirting tiles on a roof terrace – sadly they aren’t usually tiled / sealed very well and offers little protection.

This quick regular check which can take a few minutes really could save hundreds of pounds in repairs and clean up, not to mention the stress & inconvenience.

Should you have any concerns on your property, or need some assistance in checking all over – give us a call, we’ve got ladders to reach any roof, rods & chemicals to unblock most drains and no job scares us.

Please forward this post to your friends in Cyprus & tell your neighbours…

If you live abroad and want us to check your property, please call or email anytime. In the same visit and call-out fee, we’ll make a general check of the property, windows & doors secured, no signs of damp, break-ins, check the water & electric is on and anything else you need.

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