Mr Marley from Tala requested Nicks Maintenance Services to fit PIR detectors to his front and back lights. He kindly filled in one of our testimonial questionnaires;

Your Name (required)

Wayne Marley



How easy were we to get hold of?

Very easy

Your comments about time keeping

Always kept appointments and on time

Your comments about our charges

I think that they are fair. Nick always looks out for his customers and provides great and practical solutions

What works did we perform?

Water main, electrics, plumbing, new air conditioning

Please describe your experience with us

Nick and his team have done various things for us over the years such as new air conditioning, new electrics as well sorting out various plumbing related issues including sorting out a long term water leak on our income water main. His team are always prompt and very efficient and carry out the works to a high standard. A really great and polite team and a great company.

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