Becky Veitch from Letymbou has used Nicks Maintenance Services for a couple of years to maintain her boiler and unfortunately it went wrong at the worst time as normal. Becky kindly filled in one of our testimonial questionnaires;

Becky Veitch
How easy were we to get hold of?
Your comments about time keeping
Came when they said they would and if day had to be changed I was contacted well before.
Your comments about our charges
Find them very reasonable
What works did we perform?
Central heating maintenance
Please describe your experience with us
We have an old boiler that hadn’t been used for a while and was extremely temperamental. Nick had to change parts in order to get it to function properly. On a personal note, the man deserves a medal as he had to put up with my temper tantrum. Very calm and came out in the evening to make sure I could get some much needed heat. Big thumbs up
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